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Christ in us. February 13.

To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory: Colossians 1:27

We say, Jesus lives In my heart, so often we’re liable to forget, just how great a thing this is. For thousands of years prophets, Holy men and women, not so Holy men and women, elders, scribes, peoples of all kinds, waited and wondered just how this promise of God would be fulfilled. Today we know. It begins with, regeneration or what we call being “born again”, the moment when we have repented of our sin, asked for forgiveness, and believed in Christ Jesus as our savior. Then He comes, thru the Holy Spirit, to live within us. Genuinely and truly “in us”. This is why we think different, have different desires, act different. Because Christ now lives within us. There’s a story out of Texas about a man who used to tie his horse to the hitching post outside of the saloon every morning. One morning the saloon keeper walked outside and saw the mans horse tied to the hitching post in front of the Methodist church. Seeing the man walking down the street the saloon keeper asked “hey whys your horse tied outside the church”? The man replied “I was converted at the revival meeting last night and I’ve changed hitching post”. Let’s not try to live for God by our own strength but let’s seek Jesus to be in us. This is our glorious hope. It is not me figuring out how to be pleasing to God. It is Christ in us, our hope of glory. Then we will know how to live for God, because He is on the inside, leading the way. Praise God, may He dwell in us all, today and everyday!!!

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