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Changed. November 22

Some said, This is he: others said, He is like him: but he said, I am he. John 9:9

Tho God himself does not change, He specializes in change. Change in seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Change in circumstances, sometimes gradual and sometimes instantly. Gods creation is full of change. Perhaps the greatest change of all is when a Man or Woman is converted to Christ, Jesus called it “born again” Wow what a change that comes into our lives. We once were following after sin and at the same time being destroyed by its effect. But now we are following after God and moving toward our eternal home. What a change. In John chapter 9 Jesus teaches He is the light of the world and illustrates it by giving sight to a man who was born blind. Talk about a change, it was so drastic some said of the man it is him,others said, no he just looks like that blind guy but he said Its me. The Jewish leaders were upset because Jesus had healed the man on the sabbath day, so they kept questioning the man who’s sight had been healed. Finally, he says I don’t know about all these things but this I do know, once I was blind but now I see. Gods great changes in our lives are undeniable truths that He is great and is still at work in our world today. Please read the entire chapter of John 9 and you will receive a blessing from it today. May Go bless your Lords day today.

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