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By Gods Spirit. May 6

Notice how this gospel began. In Luke chapter one we clearly see, that it was by Gods doing, by Gods spirit. A man named Zacharias and his wife Elizabeth we’re going about their daily routines and suddenly an angel appears to Zacharias, saying fear not, your prayer has been heard. You will have that baby you’ve prayed for. Of course we know this would be John the Baptist. The herald for Jesus the savior. A few months later a little Jewish girl, going about her business and suddenly the same angel appears to Mary. She is totally surprised and taken off guard. The angel says fear not, you shall have a child and he shall be the Son of God. Neither Zacharias, Elizabeth or Mary made these plans. It was God. So if the gospel began with Gods grace(divine activity) and if it has prevailed all these years by his grace. It just seems that it will in these last days be by Gods spirit, the gospel will prevail, the church will prevail and the Christian believers will overcome. Praise God! Both Zacharias and Mary ask the angel, how can this be? Zacharias says, I’m too old. Mary says , I’ve never known a man. The angel reply’s: Nothing is impossible with God. We are even, in these last days being led along by the spirit of God And in the grace of God. Let’s be like Mary and say what she says in Luke 1:38 And Mary said, behold the handmaid of the lord; be it unto me according to thy word.

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