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Be not overcome. June 4

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21

The Bible mentions things like overcome, overcomer, conquering or being conquered, several times. Surely by now most of us know the devil, attempts to overcome men and women of faith. On the other hand the Lord works with us and encourages us to be an overcomer. I once read an overcomer is a victorious conqueror who keeps on conquering. Today if we just lay down and give the devil place in our lives, he will surely weaken us. But if we stand up by Gods word and faith, believing what God says, we will be overcomers. Surely the battle rages today but praise be to God we have the victory, even this very day and every day, thru our Lord Jesus Christ. Stand up and by faith trust in God, believe Him to help you be an overcomer over all circumstances and in every situation.

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