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April 16 Seeing the invisible

By faith they passed thru the Red Sea as by dry land: which the Egyptians assaying to do we’re drowned. Hebrews 11:29

What a decision Moses had made. I will now follow God. (I hope we have all made this decision and will follow God by placing our faith and trust in Jesus the Christ). So surely after such a wonderful decision, everything must have went perfectly smooth from that time on. After all it was Gods plan. On the contrary. If you know much about the story, Moses challenges were very real. His own people didn’t understand when he arose to defend them. The king of Egypt certainly didn’t support him. So Moses flees to the backside of the desert and for 40 years herds Sheep. One can only imagine what went thru his mind during these years. I do believe however he was more comfortable there than in Egypt. Gods delays are not disasters. One day Moses sees a bush on fire but not being consumed. He approaches; there he has an encounter with the great I am. He is sent to deliver the children of Israel from Egyptian slavery. Tho his way was still not easy the scriptures tell us: He endured. How? By faith he saw the one who is invisible. Thru faith he followed God and God showed himself strong on his behalf over and over again. Even the parting of a sea to save and deliver them. Keep pressing along with God we will find him faithful and true to us as well. In your heart see the one that is invisible, cling to him and let’s just see how God leads us thru. Oh praise his name!!!

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