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And Grace my Fears Relieved July 29

For the grace of God that brings salvation hath appeared unto all men. Titus 2:11

Where would we be without grace (Gods divine influence)? It was his grace that brought life, with all its details into existence. It is his grace that lets us know the sinfulness of sin. It is grace that leads us to repent of our sin. And it is the grace of the lord Jesus that forgives our sins. Praise God! Like the old song says: grace my fears relieved. No longer do we fear death, hell or the grave. We no longer have to fear the judgement of God. When we’re in the grace of Jesus Christ, we know thru him I will be saved, God has pardoned me. It’s not because of who I am or what I can do but because he loves me and delights to show me good, both here and in eternity. Why? The answer is grace (Gods divine influence). He intends good for those who will accept his son Jesus as their savior. This is why we can say; grace my fears relieved. Let’s live like it today and everyday. God we thank you for your grace that is in Jesus Christ our lord.

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