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Accepted in the beloved. April 8

To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved. Eph 1:6

If you’ve not read the book of Ephesians in a while, please do so, you will find peace, assurance, comfort and wonderful instruction. In the Lord. Read it slowly, quietly and just see that the lord is good to us. I read the other day, can’t you step off the treadmill of life for a while and rest with God. That’s hard to do sometimes. Our motor inside wants to race. God told Martha, one thing is needful, Mary has chosen that one thing and it will not be taken from her.(luke 10:38-42) That one thing was to sit at Jesus feet and learn from him, for us today it would be to take our bible, get comfy, relax and learn of him.

There you will find, bread for your soul, nourishment such as our verse today. You and me, all believers are accepted by God in the beloved, of course this means we are approved, welcome into God and his presence,anytime, all the time. It is great to labor for God to do our activity for God. However this is not what makes us accepted. So we can slow down, relax, quit worrying and fretting, step out of the frustration and slip into Gods presence. You say well I can’t because ....... no that’s not true it is because we are accepted by our faith in our beloved Jesus. This is a promise in Gods word. Thru his life and death we have rights given to us, one of those is come on in, your welcome not only welcomed but you are fully accepted in the beloved.

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