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A Promise. June 18

Ask and it shall be given you, seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you. Mathew 7:7

This precious promise is backed up by the example of a child asking his Father for something to eat to sustain him. Of course parents will care for there child when they are hungry. God says, you need something, as my sons and daughters just simply ask in prayer with confidence in my goodness. Is there something missing in your life, then seek me for it, until you find it, or something even better than what you first started looking for. Because God often perfects us as we seek him, we may find we really didn’t need what we thought in the first place. A child can’t eat ice cream every meal. The parent knows what is best and so does God. Is there a desire in your heart that God has not yet allowed to be fulfilled? And even tho you may have been asking and seeking for years, come again. Knock at his hearts door, for he it is who has all power to open and no one can close. Today ask, seek, knock as a son or daughter would at there parents door and I believe your Father will answer.

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